Indoor Air Pollution


Interestingly, indoor air pollution is about 10 times that of outdoor pollution.
Poor ventilation, faulty design and over-crowding exacerbate the situation.

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Harmful Effects Of Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor pollutants include allergy causing resistant dust mites, VOCs, bacteria, and other particulate matter. Indoor smoking adds to the issue.


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Introducing Vayushodhaka

The ‘Naturally’ Smart Indoor Air Purifier

Vayushodhaka is a naturally smart indoor air purifier that purifies the air you breathe most of the time in an ORGANIC and SMARTER way. Vayushodhaka is inspired by ground-breaking NASA research on the capability of hyperaccumulator plants to absorb pollutants via phytoremediation. It is also enhanced with optimized air absorption technology and carbon filters to maximize circulation.

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What Vayushodhaka Offers

In-built AQI Monitor

In-built Air Quality Monitor Enables Real-Time Measurement Via Phone Based App.

Artificial Intelligence Based

Uses AI to smartly adapt to different pollution levels and types.

Eco-Friendly Design

Choose between Porcelain, Terracotta and Metal Outer Body.

User Friendly Application

Includes a mobile aplication to setup and control the device.

Fits In Your Pocket

Vayushodhaka Mobile App

In-built AQI Monitor

In-built AQI Monitor

In-built AQI Monitor

In-built AQI Monitor