The advent of technological advancement has started shaping the digital future for a better tomorrow. But technological advancements have lots of constraints and hurdles which should be resolved at the earliest for the convenience of all. If the information is restricted then people are deprived of their basic rights thus, in other words, technology barriers will hinder the future growth. It has been seen that public and international resources are utilized to develop software and codes along with new tools, content and also for data collection. Data access for innovations and researchers are not easily accessible, thus open standards, open data, and open source should be encouraged to stop the wastage of scarce resources available. 

Developing new software’s and tools is an expensive affair as well as chances of duplicating the work is additional. An open approach towards the digital development and growth could be the solution. It will foster the collaboration among the digital development fraternity. Thus expenditures towards unlocking resources could be saved for specific initiatives. The open data platform will further enhance the resources which are already scarce and could be used wisely in shaping the upcoming future in a better way. Hence open standards, open data, and open initiatives should be welcomed by open-minded people. If digital development is reinforced the effect of such approach could be used in a positive way to build a flourished nation. Open data is envisaged taking into consideration privacy concerns and other technical aspects. Thus any proposed initiative will be first scrutinized and will be evaluated thoroughly as to what extent the open source software required to meet the need.

Core features of the Law are –

  • Important Principles
  • Project Analysis

Important Principles

  • The foremost step towards open data initiative is to educate the mass about its pros and cons.
  • Set an example about sharing of data across the system. Thus expansion and acceptance of available standard data are requisite.
  • Restriction on sensitive data should be avoided unless it breaches the privacy law. If sensitive data privacy requirements are well addressed, there shouldn’t be any hurdles to access the data.
  • Set a live example for others to demonstrate the open data sharing platform. This practical approach will help others to adopt the concept for future exigencies
  • Software development should enable public to use.
  • Newly developed software codes should not be hidden and should have open access by all who require such codes.
  • Innovations can bring changes when everyone will share freely without any grudges. Sharing, collaborating, and co-creating is the only way to enhance the open data platform.

Project Analysis

Project Analysis is a recommendation which highlights the necessary aspects of the Open Data, Open Source, Open standards, and Open Innovation initiative. It is an endeavor to provide proper guidance towards the digitally improved world. There are four set of actions which are drawn with the help of digital development community.


This will help to understand the impediments during open data, open source, and open innovation practice. Sometimes it is difficult to include open practices in order to achieve strategic goals. In such situations to maintain transparency, the collaborators should be informed about decision and reason behind it.

A precise understanding of the policy “Open” should be well communicated to all the partners. None of them should be hesitant or fear the concept. Any kind of ambiguity can lead to failure of the concept.

What are Open Standards, Open Data, Open Source, and Open Innovation?

  • Open Standards means publicly available standards which are evaluated prior with 100% success rate. These standards are developed, maintained, and updated by a community. They connect system across groups to avoid dependability on a single vendor.
  • Open data can be freely accessed and shared while maintaining privacy protection norms.
  • Open source here refers to software with a source code that anyone can use freely and can view, copy, modify, and share.
  • Open Innovation refers to innovative designs and concepts. It also invites contribution of new ideas.

Planning could only be executed when policies and standards are identified correctly. Few major steps can give a new shape to the concept such as-

  • Plan for the license agreement for any resources developed or produced by the initiative.
  • Host your initiative resources to understand the acceptance by the people.
  • Collaborate with people with prior experience to give a broader outlook to your work.
  • Try to connect yourself with communities with similar interest.
  • Take concrete steps to make your initiative successful and open to all.
  • Always ensure your plans comply with privacy and security requirements.


Encourage open approaches while designing and developing your tool. This will foster transparency among digital development community, collaborators, and among users.

  • Participate in open source network.
  • Share your designs and developments among the wider community to encourage sharing of data and functionality.
  • Make sure to validate your developed tool that it is compliant with data privacy and security standards.


Open innovations will minimize the chances of duplicating the existing programs available. After acquiring necessary permissions share your source code for open accessibility among communities and users. Be open to feedback regarding the tool or system you have developed. As everyone can contribute their updates, feedbacks, and contributions.


Evaluating the Project Analysis will throw light on the advancement and hurdles faced during the whole life cycle. It is a fathom to know the success rate of the implemented project. The final report will help further to advance the openness among various people and community. Thus the final outcome will help to identify which data is convenient to use towards open approach. Monitoring the data accumulated is a vital aspect of the approach. Last but not the least sharing the result or outcome of your initiative is an imperative part of the program. By sharing the innovations openly will broaden the criteria of approach.

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