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We help businesses with their digital transformation, assisting them at every step: from product conceptualizing to designing, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

What We Offer

Digital Transformation

Transform your business with a modern and digital approach by making your growth strategies inclusive of new acquisition channels, automation and data.

Mobile Strategy

We generate the ultimate customer experience with a minimum viable mobile product, focusing on development that encourages early adopters.

IOT Strategy

Understand the hardware components, firmware and cloud strategy of your IoT ecosystem with every aspect carefully analyzed and developed.

Product Portfolio Highlights


Prakshalak is a Heavy-Duty Infrared based Smart Hand Sanitizer Dispenser for 100% Contactless Operation built for keeping even the heavy footfall area Covid-19 free.


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Vayushodhaka is a naturally smart indoor air purifier that purifies the air you breathe most of the time in an ORGANIC and SMARTER way. It is inspired by ground-breaking NASA research on the capability of hyperaccumulator plants to absorb pollutants via phytoremediation.

Smart Bike is a data smart bike rental platform. Smart Bike is a simple, easy to use Bike rental platform. Manage your inventory, reservations, payments, maintenance, waivers, deliveries, tracking and reporting. Includes free online bookings with live availability to grow your rentals.

Flutter Arsenal is manually curated collection of resources for flutter developers. It is a categorized directory of libraries and tools for Flutter. These libraries and tools are so-called WEAPONS of this ARSENAL.

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Building a Safer and Smarter Tomorrow

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Role of Knowledge Brokers in Stimulating Innovation

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